David McCurley

Owner/ President

Houston is my home. I was brought up in a mid-sized town south of Houston and graduated from Angleton High School. As an adult, my career trajectory led me to the Oil & Gas industry where I spent over 20 years.
When I realized it was time for a change in my career, I founded McCurley Construction & Investments as an investment portfolio company, focused on residential and commercial real estate, but in 2017 life in Houston shifted drastically, Hurricane Harvey struck!  
I dedicated much of my time to helping people get back into their homes. I handled construction companies, managed sites and took on a new role in which I felt immediately comfortable. During the aftermath of Harvey, I saw the best and worst that the construction industry had to offer. 
I decided that the industry was in need of a General Contracting Service Company that would provide honest, transparent and ethical work. The responsibility was mine and in 2017 McCurley Construction &
Investments took on a leading role in the State of Texas offering exactly that service. Since then I have worked with Houston residents as well as Texas Housing Developers, Construction Contractors and I am proud to offer our services to the State of Texas.


I look forward to doing business with you, 


                      David McCurley